Franchisee of the Month – November to December 2021

by | January 14, 2022

Announcing the Franchisee of the Month for Nov to Dec 2021 

Congratulations Ankush Bhagat for winning the Franchisee of the Month – November to December 2021. Ankush is the owner of a Clean Planet Commercial Franchise in the Waikato region. 

Clean Planet Franchisee of the month Nov - Dec 2021

Before joining Clean Planet, Ankush was working for a Franchisee owner. With Ankush wanting to start his own business, he decided to buy his own franchisee to start with. The flexibility to work around his time and Clean Planet as an environmentally friendly cleaning company in New Zealand were the attractive factors for Ankush in choosing to become a Clean Planet Franchisee owner. He believes that he made the best choice in becoming a partner of Clean Planet Franchisee. He states that he is able to be flexible and balance his professional & personal life since he started his own Commercial Cleaning franchise with Clean Planet. Apart from the flexibility in taking up work and doing cleaning jobs, Ankush says Clean Planet is eco-friendly and the use of non-toxic products which are good for the environment” is a major reason to choose to work with Clean Planet.  

Ankush has been with Clean Planet for over the past 2 years as a Commercial Cleaning franchisee. And he tells us, gaining valuable experience with Clean Planet and maintaining and delivering a high-quality service to our clients is his biggest achievement with Clean Planet. “I have been able to gain valuable experience with Clean Planet in what it takes to deliver the highest quality for our clients.”

The most notable and appreciating attitude of Ankush – Clean Planet Commercial Cleaning Franchisee in Waikato is that he leaves a positive impact on all his customers. Clean Planet’s Master Franchisee Manager, Raman Maan, described the best qualities of Ankush as punctual, reliable, and quick action-takers for every commercial cleaning service.He tells us his mantra is “open communication between the franchisee and the clients – with understanding our client’s requirements we are able to meet the needs as required.” 

When asked about the support Ankush received from his Master Franchisee Manager in Waikato, Raman Mann he had a lot to say! He tells us his MRF Manager is very supportive and encouraging and guides him to grow his business. To quote some of his words “​​Raman has always been encouraging me to do more. He is a really helpful person. He has been always ensuring me the support I need to grow my business”. He also tells the excellent training he received in building his Commercial Franchise Business in Waikato with Clean Planet.  

Ankush ends his words with a bit of advice to other aspiring people out there to join Clean Planet as a Franchise owner. He wants to tell you that “Clean Planet gives you the flexibility as a Franchise to work as much as you want or as little as you want”.   

Clean Planet is proud to announce Ankush Bhagat as our Franchisee of the Month – November to December 2021. Our team once again wholeheartedly congratulates you on this achievement.