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New Zealand’s business landscape
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There are over 550,000 registered businesses. Growing industries – accommodation, finance, recreation, healthcare, construction, and education, to name but a few, mean growing demand for commercial cleaning services. Cleaning is no longer regarded as suitable for just anyone; this specialist vocation requires specialist expertise – we want you to answer the call.

Greater work and life balance is the ultimate goal

We’re looking for commercial cleaning franchisees to join our force and reap the benefits of working your way: supplement your income after hours, opt for full-time cleaning mode, or flex your cleaning to weekends and days off. Commercial cleaning is your oyster.

Your partner in clean

Doing better by the environment and best by people is our mission. We’ve already helped over 200 people set up their own Clean Planet franchise business, from commercial and residential cleaning, to eMowing and car valeting, across the country.

We stand firmly by this position, as New Zealand’s only Sensitive Choice accredited cleaning company. In support of this, are our own sustainably formulated cleaning products – many with Sensitive Choice or BioGro organic certification – as well as our partnership with the Sustainable Business Network.

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Cleaning never goes out of fashion, and demand for commercial cleaning with an environmental focus and sustainable edge is ever increasing – businesses want cleaning that delivers safer and sustainable practices.

Choose to place your hands in cleaning that thinks in the bigger picture:

Healthier Workplaces — Engaging eco-conscious products that have you and your clients’ health at the forefont.

Flexi Clean — Choose your clients and tailor your cleaning schedule to your lifestyle. Supplement your existing work hours or focus on cleaning full time — earn your way.

Minimal costs, maximal support — With low setup costs, it’s simple to begin your cleaning journey. We provide ongoing support, training and guidance every step of the way.

Interested in your next commercial business franchise opportunity?

Talk to us today about our available franchise options.

Commercial cleaning services we provide

Like the businesses we serve, our cleaning services are diverse and far reaching. We appreciate that clients have their own cleaning wants and demands – and this can vary from week-to-week, month-to-month, so our ‘clean’ range is customisable and adaptable.


From vacuuming, mopping floors, spot cleaning the nitty gritty off walls, doors and the like, to scrubbing bathrooms and toilets, to tackling the dust – the standard is high.


The next level in clean, this robust service tackles every nook and cranny, removing the deep dirt, grime and germs that gather high and low in those areas that are typically out of reach of a standard clean.


Digging deeper to eliminate the harmful bacteria in every crack and crevice – those the naked eye cannot see – is what this clean excels at. Engaging heat and/or antimicrobial products to meticulously sanitise spaces and surfaces, this clean restores shine and serves for greater wellness.

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Buying a business should enhance your life — not subtract from it — so join the Clean Planet franchises who have taken the lead in commercial cleaning and in doing business better. Reach out to our team to learn more.

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Meet our franchisees

Learning more about the people behind the products and services you’re buying into, before you press go, is always beneficial. So, read on to meet some of our Clean Planet franchisee owners – hear their stories, share in their success.

Ernesto’s and Anna’s homeland is El Salvador, but New Zealand has now been their home for more than 13 years. They have more than $400,000 in turnover and run a large team of people to ensure they provide the very best of service to some of Clean Planet’s largest customers.

Their philosophy is: “use the right product, in the right places, at the right time, with the right person, and with the right attitude…” And the best thing? “The right relationship between the client, franchisor and franchisee.” Wise words indeed!


Ernesto & Anna Lopez
Commercial Cleaning Franchisee Owners, South Auckland

Savina and Narend are one of Clean Planet’s South Auckland Commercial Franchisee owners. Originally from Fiji, this franchisee owner couple has been with Clean Planet for over 3 years.

“Growing with Clean Planet was an amazing journey” states Savina. She grew her business with Clean Planet over the years. Starting from Papatoetoe and nearby regions she has further extended her business and shifted to the far south of Auckland to the Pukekohe region.

“We have numerous clients, the sites we clean are Home Care centers, corporate offices, pre-schools, and more…they have always commented on our good work!”

Savina & Narend
Commercial Franchisee Owners, South Auckland

Rosey & Basant has been with Clean Planet for over the past 12 years. They are one of Clean Planet’s longest-serving franchisees, who are running the Commercial Cleaning Franchise in the South Auckland Region.

Rosy & Basant are happy, hardworking couples with positive and can-do attitudes.

Rosy states that she is happy with Clean Planet’s management team and the support from Master Regional Franchise Manager.

Rosey & Basant Kumar
Franchise Owner


Franchise Owner

While I was working at Clean Planet, I worked as a duty manager in one of the leading hotels in the city center. Time management was the most important key aspect for me to perform my business and perform smoothly. To grow my business, I started to hire more staff every quarter and took myself out of the service and started managing the business.

Roel & Mirasol

Franchise Owner

Roel & Mirosol live in Glenfield on Auckland’s Northshore. Originally from the Phillipines, they have been franchisees since 2012. Roel says, “Since we engaged in our business with Clean Planet, it has brought us tremendous opportunities because the company always given premium to its franchisees.

Interested in your next commercial business franchise opportunity?

Talk to us today about our available franchise options.