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Lawn care is big business in New Zealand, and is an ever-growing industry in high demand. So, Clean Planet are taking the outdoor revolution to greener, cleaner heights, providing electric mowing services to residential and commercial customers Auckland-wide. We want you to be a part of these electrifying times – so leave the desk behind you, and step outside with us.

Why an electric focus?

As New Zealand’s leading Life Services provider for households and businesses, our move to include electric mowing alongside our residential and commercial cleaning services is a natural progression.

We’re focused on doing better for people and the planet. By aligning with EV technology, we’re supporting the environment – no carbon emissions, zero toxins and less noise pollution – while at the same time removing lawn & gardening stresses for our customers.

Additional benefits of using EV equipment

High performing EV mowers and machinery – less noise, fewer vibrations.

Less expenditure on the running and maintenance costs of traditional petrol and diesel mowers.

Lower ongoing overheads – the more you mow, the more you make.
Less down time – EV mowers don’t need to be serviced as much as traditional mowing equipment, meaning you stay on the grass for longer.

Electric mowing is better for everyone’s health – yours and your customers.

Ernesto’s and Anna’s homeland is El Salvador, but New Zealand has now been their home for more than 13 years. They have more than $400,000 in turnover and run a large team of people to ensure they provide the very best of service to some of Clean Planet’s largest customers.

Their philosophy is: “use the right product, in the right places, at the right time, with the right person, and with the right attitude…” And the best thing? “The right relationship between the client, franchisor and franchisee.” Wise words indeed!


Ernesto & Anna Lopez
Commercial Cleaning Franchisee Owners, South Auckland

Savina and Narend are one of Clean Planet’s South Auckland Commercial Franchisee owners. Originally from Fiji, this franchisee owner couple has been with Clean Planet for over 3 years.

“Growing with Clean Planet was an amazing journey” states Savina. She grew her business with Clean Planet over the years. Starting from Papatoetoe and nearby regions she has further extended her business and shifted to the far south of Auckland to the Pukekohe region.

“We have numerous clients, the sites we clean are Home Care centers, corporate offices, pre-schools, and more…they have always commented on our good work!”

Savina & Narend
Commercial Franchisee Owners, South Auckland

Rosey & Basant has been with Clean Planet for over the past 12 years. They are one of Clean Planet’s longest-serving franchisees, who are running the Commercial Cleaning Franchise in the South Auckland Region.

Rosy & Basant are happy, hardworking couples with positive and can-do attitudes.

Rosy states that she is happy with Clean Planet’s management team and the support from Master Regional Franchise Manager.

Rosey & Basant Kumar
Franchise Owner
Interested in your next eMowing business franchise opportunity?
Talk to us today about our available franchise options.
The many benefits of becoming a Clean Planet grounds care franchise owner include:

Clean & Green

The greater good of our planet and people is what drives us. Being at the top of the clean and green class, means we excel across the board.

EV Movers

Our EV mowers are empowered for all the right reasons – no noise or carbon emissions, our electric vans do more than just transport – roof solar panelling charges all machinery, and our organic toxic-free sprays and herbicides promote safer work and living environments.

Training & Development

Training & development so you stay up to date with latest trends and technologies.

Flexible choices

Clean Planet franchisees choose the way they want to live, work and play. Tailoring their working hours – part-time, full-time, fitted with existing employment – to best suit their lifestyle.

Health in focus

Our eco and people-friendly products promote healthier working and living environments for our franchisees and their clients.

Minimal set up costs, super support

Setting up a Clean Planet residential cleaning franchise is simple, and easy to set up. With limited overhead costs – initial fee and equipment – we provide all the training and support you need to get you started on your cleaning journey.
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Meet our franchisees
Learning more about the people behind the products and services you’re buying into, before you press go, is always beneficial. So, read on to meet some of our Clean Planet franchisee owners – hear their stories, share in their success.


Franchise Owner
While I was working at Clean Planet, I worked as a duty manager in one of the leading hotels in the city center. Time management was the most important key aspect for me to perform my business and perform smoothly. To grow my business, I started to hire more staff every quarter and took myself out of the service and started managing the business.

Roel & Mirasol

Franchise Owner
Roel & Mirosol live in Glenfield on Auckland’s Northshore. Originally from the Phillipines, they have been franchisees since 2012. Roel says, “Since we engaged in our business with Clean Planet, it has brought us tremendous opportunities because the company always given premium to its franchisees.
Interested in your next eMowing business franchise opportunity?
Talk to us today about our available franchise options.