Franchisee of the Month – April 2022

by | June 9, 2022

Congratulations Sheetal and Kritesh Kumar, for winning the Franchisee of the Month for April 2022. The couple is one of Clean Planet’s Commercial Cleaning Franchise owners in the Rotorua region. While they have been Franchisees with Clean Planet for only around 6 months, their excellence in running their Franchise, extending their business to another nearby region and delivering exceptional customer services meant they thoroughly deserve being awarded Franchisee of the Month for April 2022.

Commercial Franchisee Rotorua

Originally from Fiji, the Rotorua-based Commercial Cleaning Franchisee owners Sheetal and Kritesh Kumar stated that they wanted to run their own business and have excellent career growth by becoming their own bosses in their region, Rotorua. Owning a Commercial Cleaning Franchisee from Clean Planet was a wise decision that fulfilled the dream.

“I choose Clean Planet because of the ease of starting my own franchise. It is new in Rotorua, and it’s growing faster, so that means success for us as well. Clean Planet has supported us in purchasing and growing our franchise,” – says Sheetal.

Over the short period as Franchisees, the couple now has a variety of customers ranging from Educational centres, Schools and Preschools. Rotorua Commercial Cleaning Master Franchisee Praneel Nair states that Sheetal and Kritesh go the extra mile in helping the business grow. An instance is of taking up the challenge and going ahead on cleaning the Tokoroa Bunnings with short notice.

” It was an excellent opportunity to extend our business as we only had one customer at that time when we started. This has helped us attract more business” – say the winners.

Commercial Franchise owner - Rotorua

When asked about their growth with Clean Planet, the couple said, they have become successful business owners in Rotorua in a short time.

“Our Regional Master Franchisee Manager Praneel Nair and Clean Planet Head Office have helped us in establishing a customer base in Rotorua and further expanding up to the Tokoroa and Taupo areas.”

Sheetal further told us how finance was provided to her to build her dream with Clean Planet Franchise –

“Head Office helped me financially, trusted me and financed my franchise. Hats off to MRF Praneel Nair. Always there for us. Always supported and guided us throughout our journey and still supporting us”.

Sheetal further adds her insights to other aspiring people to join Clean Planet. She believes that anyone wanting to join Clean Planet will have access to a supportive Regional Manager and Head Office, who will help you out from purchasing the Franchisee to training and assisting customers.

We are glad to have one more competitive Commercial Cleaning Franchisee to join Clean Planet, and we wish you all the best for the years to come. Once again, Clean Planet’s team congratulates Sheetal and Kritesh Kumar for winning the Franchisee of the Month for April 2022.