Clean Planet Launches Home Cleaning Division – 1st Franchisee

by | March 9, 2018

Following many months of strategising, and building on our brand strength and industry expertise, Clean Planet has now launched its Home Cleaning Division. People will now be able to get the home cleaning done by the healthiest cleaning company in New Zealand, although this will be available in the Auckland area only until the division is fully established. All booking will be done and paid for online through our new app, and we are pleased with the way this looks and works.

The Division now has a number of Franchisees either signed or in the process, but the first signing was Kuna Kumar and Priya Prasad. Kuna came came to New Zealand in 2012, working as a chef. From there he had an opportunity to work as a Dairy Farmer which provided a good income along with a house, but long hours, missed meals and frequently not having days off lead to not having a proper family time with Priya and their 2 children.

Clean Planet came on to Kuna and Priya’s radar through conversation with some friends, and so they thought of giving it a go. Kuna says “It wasn’t hard at all – after speaking to Tony and Rod, the two musketeers of Clean Planet, we were able to get the in house finance to set up our business that was it the turning point of our life we knew it. I knew that all that early mornings waking up to go out and work in the farm was coming to an end with a new sunshine of hope in our life.”

Kuna is pleased to say good bye to all the stress and step up to join Clean Planet with “an important role doing effective and efficient cleaning along side with quality service with focusing on health and safety , safe use and care of equipment’s and chemical preparation. I am enjoying every day of my life being my own boss, no stress , getting regular income and a good support system which was a excellent move , the most important benefits is getting treasure time to spend with family allowing to have flexibility. Finally above all these advantages is that I have clean planet by my side. Thank you Team Clean Planet for supporting us in every step.”

Welcome aboard Kuna and Priya, and with such a fantastic attitude we are sure this will be a very successful relationship.