Clean Planet Delivers Supportive Business Franchise Network

by | March 24, 2021

Greater Rewards and Support with a Clean Planet Franchise


Variety may be the spice of life, but when it comes to diversifying your business investments, ensuring you reach for profitable and credible opportunities, and those with a robust support network, is essential for long-term success.


All these boxes were ticked in Pam and Emmel Yap’s decision to purchase a Clean Planet franchise with its supportive systems, smooth operations, and clear visions.


“We were browsing online for business franchise opportunities to venture into – and neither of us have a cleaning background – we’re talent agency and fibre installation!” explains Pam. “The fact we didn’t have the experience wasn’t a deterrent because we could see Clean Planet had great systems, good sets of clients, good records and excellent support and training services – plus they use eco-friendly products. So, we knew we’d be able to grow and develop.”


Pam and Emmel | Clean Planet Franchise


Clean Planet typifies what a successful business model should be driven by – the expertise of its people, not just a brand name, say Pam and Emmel.


“Clean Planet has large and top companies as clients, and they tailor their support to the individual needs and conditions of each client – their focus is centred on quality. So, we saw this franchise opportunity as a potential to grow big with them for the long-term.”


From the beginning of their franchise journey, Clean Planet’s regional manager was hands-on and supportive. Guiding Pam and Emmel through business training, helping during operations, introducing them to each client, pointing out every detail of what matters most to each client, monitoring the quality of their work and ensuring they are continually receiving more leads to cleaning opportunities.


“Clean Planet are purpose lead – they are continually improving on their services, wanting to create additional opportunities for their franchisees and looking to build long-term relationships with each of their clients,” explains Emmel. “So, despite no industry experience, we knew this was a business that wouldn’t be affected by fast-changing technology – cleaning is something essential that can’t be done by machine alone.”


With Clean Planet’s guidance and ongoing training, Pam and Emmel felt assured and confident they could learn along the way. “We both did the cleaning of our first 10 clients so we could accurately see what we needed to put in and get a real feel for each client’s needs,” says Pam. “You feel good when you see what you’ve accomplished and you’re getting acknowledged for.”


What Pam and Emmel have gained from linking hands with Clean Planet as a franchisee has been much more than a thriving eco-conscious business – they’ve joined with a company with a vision to support and grow.


“We’ve put in so much time and effort across the past eight months – from around $40k yearly turnover to over $270k – almost seven-fold, that’s not bad,” enthuses Pam. “What’s equally as rewarding knowing we can continue to improve and become even better because of we’ve joined with a prestigious company, Clean Planet.”


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