A Decade of Dedication: CEO Tony Pattison’s 10-Year Journey with Clean Planet

by | December 22, 2023

A decade of commitment, innovation, and sustainable growth – Clean Planet proudly celebrates CEO Tony Pattison’s notable 10-year journey with the company. From his early days as Commercial Manager to General Manager to his current role as CEO, Tony’s leadership has been instrumental in shaping Clean Planet into one of New Zealand’s leading property and facilities service providers.

Tony has steered Clean Planet towards a future where health, well-being, and sustainability intertwine seamlessly. Under Tony’s visionary leadership, Clean Planet has expanded its services to meet customers’ evolving needs. In his words, “We’ve seen the company grow, and I’ve introduced a number of different services for our customers who are asking for more and more things from us.”

Established in 2008, the company’s journey began with commercial cleaning services. In 2015, Tony introduced Domestic cleaning services, catering to residential customers, Air BnB, hotels, and property managers. His tenure has also seen the introduction of newer services – Grounds Care, Car Valet and the most recent, Carpet and Floor Care.

Clean Planet Team

CEO Tony Pattison with Clean Planet team

Clean Planet is more than just a service provider; we are a champion of sustainability. “Initially, we wanted to establish an ethical cleaning company that was kinder to both people’s health and the health of the planet. We’ve been getting rid of toxic cleaning chemicals in Kiwi homes and workplaces by using our own brand of cleaning products we formulated to achieve this” – says Tony. We adhere to this philosophy and don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk with initiatives such as eco-friendly cleaning practices, ‘Sensitive Choice’ approval for service, ‘BioGro’ organic certification and active community engagement. Our use of EV equipment and technology in Grounds Care service ensures a reduced carbon footprint on the planet. The focus on non-toxic and ethical solutions reinforces the company’s commitment to creating healthier homes and businesses.

Tony’s emphasis on leadership, delegation, and a quality-focused approach underscores the role of a cohesive team and a commitment to excellence in achieving sustained growth. The remarkable 34% YoY growth in the most recent financial year is a successful testament to Tony’s visionary leadership and commitment to a sustainable future.

From humble beginnings to one of New Zealand’s foremost property and facilities service providers, Clean Planet continues to thrive under Tony’s guidance. Here’s to another decade of innovation, growth, and cleaner, greener services from Clean Planet, led by Tony Pattison.