5 Mistakes you are making while cleaning your car

by | November 1, 2022

Cleaning your car at home is a relatively easy job – however, getting a professional-looking result is a challenging task. But fear not! If you can avoid some common car detailing mistakes, then it’s easier to get a gorgeous glow, an immaculate interior, and the accompanying glory that you always want.

The starter pack to get a clean car are a couple of buckets, a water hose, carwash soap, an absorber and your attention to detail on the finer parts of your car. And most importantly, you need to avoid these common mistakes to get your vehicle looking professionally groomed.  

1. Direct sunlight – Don’t clean your car in direct sunlight and when it is too hot. The direct sun hitting your vehicle will make the car surface hot, and the cleaning products will dry before you can rinse it off.

2. Using household detergents/dishsoap – Using these products is a big NO as they will strip away your waxing coat and paint. You should always make sure to use car detailing products to protect your car wax. 

3. Not cleaning the wheels first – It is best to start off with the wheels and tires first as they are in constant contact with mud and dirt. Skipping this process will leave you with dirt splashing on the freshly washed surfaces.

4. Drying with a dirty or regular towel – Don’t dry your car with a dirty towel or towel that was dropped down on the ground, the dirt from the ground could easily make scratches in your car. Experts recommend the use of clean micro-fibre towels.

5. Stop overwaxing – Wax on – wax off, waxing is an easier task than it sounds, but overdoing it won’t help. Anything after a second coat is a waste of time, and the wax is likely to be wiped away.

Step up and change your car detailing game. Knowing what not to do matters to getting a professionally groomed appearance for your car.

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