Mohan Singh – from a franchisee to Regional Director of Wellington

by | September 17, 2019

Clean Planet is New Zealand’s first health-focused and dedicated environmentally-kinder cleaning company.

Clean Planet’s aim is to create healthier, happier Kiwi homes and workplaces through eliminating toxic cleaning chemicals to improve indoor air quality, delivering healthier, environmentally-kinder homes and workplaces for their clients and a superior quality clean.


The company continues to expand its presence in Regional New Zealand with Mohan Singh recently signing as the Master Regional Franchisee in Wellington region.


Mohan came from India where he’s called New Zealand home since 2014. He first worked as a Restaurant Manager in Wellington and then decided to look for opportunities to open his own business and work around his own hours. When his brother met Rahul Gada – a successful master franchise of Clean Planet in Christchurch, Mohan was impressed with the business ethos and decided to join the franchise network. Soon after joining Clean Planet, Mohan grew his franchise package to $250,000 worth of business and became a very dedicated franchisee in Christchurch.


.CEO Tony Pattison and Regional Director Mohan Singh


CEO Tony Pattison and Wellington Regional Director Mohan Singh


Cleaning has always been in my mind. Knowing Rahul’s principle to become successful in franchise business, I grabbed this opportunity, moved back to Wellington and became the Master Franchise in Wellington. As I started my work in the region earlier, most of the clients knew me along with a large network of franchisees willing to join the successful network.


Mohan received a lot of support from CEO Tony Pattison, National Operation Manager Abhi Lal and Regional Manager Eugene de Thierry to manage clients along  with starting the Master Franchise in Wellington. Mohan was also impressed with “eco-friendly cleaning products” because Clean Planet is the only commercial and domestic cleaning company in New Zealand awarded by Environmental Choice and the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation New Zealand. Mohan said “from my own experience, I had a bit of respiratory related problem when I was a child, therefore I know these cleaning products can improve air quality and can actually work for me, then others.”


Mohan’s goals in the future as a Regional Master Franchise are to take the regional business to the next level, aiming to $2 million worth of business in Wellington. Mohan can see a lot of potential development in commercial and domestic cleaning industry:


Commercial cleaning industry can grow in short time if my team is committed to deliver excellent service and maintain very good relationship and communication with our clients.


Clean Planet is having 12 franchisees serving more than 50 clients in Wellington.

Clean Planet has 10 franchisees serving more than 100 clients in Wellington.


In terms of franchisees, Mohan will empower them so that they are dedicated to take care of their own franchise package and help them to grow the business.


I will be there if my franchisees have any problems and in case they need me. However, the franchisees will be empowered to maintain excellent service and grow their franchise package if they want.


I have grown myself from a franchisee in Christchurch so I understand other franchisees’ need. Also, I have learnt that everyone can clean but to maintain superior cleaning quality, maintain excellent relationship and communication with the clients is a different story.”


Thanks Mohan for a short interview and welcome onboard as a Master Regional Franchisee/ Regional Director of Wellington.



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Mohan Singh

Wellington Regional Director/ Master Franchise