Meet Inga, Clean Planet’s Franchisee of the Month Winner

by | May 30, 2024

Clean Planet is thrilled to announce Igasiatama Mokole (Inga) – one of Clean Planet’s Auckland Grounds Care Franchise business owners, as Franchisee of the Month winner for April 2024. Inga has exemplified the spirit of entrepreneurship, dedication, and community building during his just over a year of being an e-mowing franchise business owner.

Let’s delve into the story behind Inga’s remarkable journey with Clean Planet.

A Journey of Dedication and Flexibility

Originally from Nine Islands, Inga moved to New Zealand over 25 years ago. Before venturing into the franchise business, he served as a social worker and a priest for the Anglican Church, embodying a spirit of service and community engagement. However, it was his desire for flexibility and sustainability that led him to Clean Planet’s e-mowing Franchise business. Managing a team, primarily comprising his wife Ala and their children, Inga’s business model reflects a true family affair.

With Ala taking the reins of management, Inga found the perfect balance between work and personal life – thanks to the flexibility offered by Clean Planet’s franchise model.

Building Relationships and Delivering Excellence

Inga’s dedication to providing environmentally friendly service and professionalism in the job he does has garnered praise from over 40 regular customers and still counting. Beyond delivering exceptional service, Inga values building personal relationships with his clients, who range from car dealers and lawyers to psychologists.

“I want to thank Inga for the awesome job he and his wife have done on our lawn. I would recommend them if needing your lawns done – Rodney”

“I am beyond words for the fantastic work that was done yesterday. My lawns have never looked better. Thank you for the fast, efficient and excellent job done on my lawns. Will recommend you at every chance I get – Georgina”

Empowered by Clean Planet’s Support

Inga says that one of the key factors contributing to his success has been the unwavering support and regular training sessions from his Grounds Care Divisional manager from the Head Office and his Regional Franchise Manager. “Their support was encouraging and empowering” says Inga.

Training sessions, coupled with proactive support with Accounts management, marketing and customer services from the Clean Planet team, have helped and empowered Inga in the background to provide exceptional e-mowing service to his customers. This also aided Inga and Alain in running their grounds care business efficiently.

Inga’s Insights and Recommendations

Inga talks about his journey with Clean Planet to be transformative both personally and professionally. Inga emphasizes the significance of getting into business with a trusted brand like Clean Planet, which backs you up in the journey as a Franchisee business owner and in every step of building your business. Whether it be support in finance, training, customer service, team management, business growth or marketing, Clean Planet has industrial experts to help you succeed in every step of your journey. He also highlights the invaluable learning opportunities and networking possibilities that Clean Planet offers to aspiring entrepreneurs. Inga encourages entrepreneurs wanting to be business owners to join as Clean Planet Grounds Care Franchise owners.

When asked about what the important factors are to be aware of while choosing a franchise business from his experience as a Clean Planet Franchise, Inga
Quotes – “You need a robust support system, understand the significance of getting into business with a trusted brand like Clean Planet, and what is the potential for substantial income generation”

A Guardian of the Planet

For Inga, Clean Planet’s mission of environmental stewardship resonates deeply. He believes that being a part of Clean Planet is not just about running a business; it’s about contributing to a larger cause of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Inga’s story exemplifies the ethos of Clean Planet – a blend of entrepreneurship, community engagement, and environmental consciousness. As we celebrate his achievements as the Franchisee of the Month, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Inga and his family for their outstanding contributions. Their journey serves as an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a path of business opportunity with Clean Planet.