Franchisee of the Month – January 2022

by | February 17, 2022

With appreciation and recognition for perfection in cleaning and for his hard work, Clean Planet’s Franchisee of the Month for Jan 2022 is John Sione.


John Sione is one of Clean Planet’s Commercial Franchisee owners in the West Auckland region. Originally from Tuvalu, an Island near Fiji, John has been residing in New Zealand for over 30 years. John has been an amazing franchise who works for one of Clean Planet’s biggest customers in the West Auckland region.

John’s hard work and can-do attitude were often noticed and yet one particular time where John and his team worked hard for the Mt. Roskill Grammar school paved the way for John to win January’s Franchisee of the Month award. They had to work more than 10 hours daily to clean up some ongoing issues John had inherited. This included the vinyl Strip & Polish and deep cleaning of the school. Some of these areas were not focused on for some time. John always believes in bringing perfection to the place he works, and this resulted in giving special attention to those areas in the school where the school management desired improvement. To achieve this John hired different equipment and spend more money which wasn’t required. He has also done extra work to help the school as their in-house cleaner had some issues and wasn’t back to work.

The West Auckland Master Franchisee Manager, Manan Shah, states, “the Property and Facilities Manager of the school is really happy with the quality of work he has done and for his flexibility and his can-do attitude. Individual teachers who meet me during my audit around the school have mentioned that they can see the difference in the cleaning around the school and have sent appreciation emails to school management.”

Every time John gets an appreciation for his work he always says he is doing it all for the customer and on behalf of Clean Planet. John has been with Clean Planet for over 3 years now, working along with his wife and children. He has been in the cleaning industry for a long time, worked for different companies, and finally realized the difference between having his own Franchisee Business. With a lot of research, comparison, and analysis he found Clean Planet to be best suited to start his own business. He states this is one of his biggest achievements, working with Clean Planet, owning a business of his own.

“Dreams come true – I am happy!” quotes John. John further states that his work at Clean Planet gives him joy and happiness, all his work will be done with perfection and will continue to do so, to bring the best result and to uplift the company name.

Unlike other Franchisee owners, John’s specialty was he was already trained and had the expertise in carpet cleaning and shampooing, and expert in special types of floor cleaning. And so, he only needed to get little training from Clean Planet, even when the company provided full training for all the new franchisees.

When talking about customers, John quotes “Customer, customers, customers… they are all happy, very happy with my work. I started my cleaning with Art Centre, Royal Oak – from there all customers were happy”. The support from the Head office and his Master Regional Franchisee manager was always helpful.“Manan comes into see my sites sometimes. Gives me all the help I need, he communicates with me all the time and bonds and won’t let us alone as just a franchisee. He makes sure he monitors and looks after the business” says, John.

When asked about the insight John wants to share with new people aspiring to be a franchisee, he states “You are doing a big job, so make a plan and work it out well. Make sure you make a good team, then the job will be easier without struggles. When you start partnering as a business owner with Clean Planet, work with confidence, give the best and raise the Clean Planet’s name, that’s my goal, and be happy!!”

We are once again happy to announce John Sione as our Franchisee of the Month for January 2022.