Franchise of the Month – August 2022

by | November 1, 2022

Congratulations to the Franchise of the Month winners Kritika and Anish Kumar, Clean Planet’s Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Franchise owners – Auckland Northwest Region. Starting their Clean Planet franchise ownership in 2019 with a part-time Commercial Cleaning franchise, the vibrant couple from Fiji have extended their business to full-time Commercial & Domestic Cleaning Franchise owners by taking on a Domestic franchise in 2020 as both of these Clean Planet divisions are growing strongly.

Kritika has fronted the business and established long-term customer bases for their business. Without fail, they are ideal franchisees representing the growth being achieved by Clean Planet’s Commercial and Domestic divisions.

Kritika previously worked as a Store Manager at Wendy’s, and Anish was a mechanic, both of whom worked 9 to 5 jobs. She proudly talks about their achievements with Clean Planet as a Clean Planet Franchise owner – “With our Clean Planet Franchise business, we as a couple became a team and started working together. With financial stability, we now have flexibility in work and life to take care of our young children”.

Over three years we have grown the business. Despite facing a few lockdowns, we grew financially with Clean Planet and extended our business.”We are now a Full Time Domestic and Commercial franchise business owners”- states Kritika.

Krithika adds that starting her own business in Auckland has given her independence personally and financially. After their second child, the couple decided to buy a Commercial Franchise business to get flexibility in their life and to get time around to look after their young children. She doesn’t want to be a stay-at-home mum but someone who can bring in income to the family; she achieved that with a part-time Commercial Franchise with Clean Planet. Further, her husband started to help her out in her business, and gradually the couple began to work as a team and took up a full-time Commercial Cleaning franchise business. Later they extended their business by owning a full-time Domestic Cleaning franchise business as well, this way with a full-time cleaning business; Kritika quotes “we can work flexible days and/or nights while having time to spend with our children. The cleaning business is now growing, and we found it was a good place to invest in”.

“We have some big and regular commercial customers and numerous regular and one-off domestic customers. We started with a big contract with a school, we still have that customer, and the management is happy – touch wood – with no complaints”. The couple’s commercial customers range from schools, Day Care, electrical shop, warehouses and more.

Why Clean Planet Franchise Business?

“We looked into other franchisees, but Clean Planet was more affordable, and as we enquired, we heard a lot of good reviews about the company. An old colleague from Wendy’s, a franchise with Clean Planet, also suggested a Clean Planet franchise business; she told us Clean Planet’s Franchise system is quite good, and you should go for it. After all our research, we then had a good chat with the management and a couple of months later, we signed our agreement.”

What are the three best things about being a Domestic Franchise?

When we asked what the three best things about being a Domestic Franchise, Kritihika added –

Ability to work flexible during the daytime while you only take the job that you want to work and this way gets quality time to spend with your children.

How a two-day big job is a perfect income for a weekIf you get a big home cleaning or an exit clean job for one or two days, then you are well done for the week.

Domestic Investment RateThe Domestic start-up cost is only $10,000, and if you are a full-time Domestic Cleaning Franchisee, you can get your investment back in less than three months.

Insight to aspiring individuals to join Clean Planet?

“If you want to grow and own a franchisee business with your partner or as an individual owner, we suggest Clean Planet. It is a good investment, plus there is a fantastic support team in Clean Planet to organise your schedules, take care of your accounting and invoices and the sales and marketing team to support your business.”

Plus, each region has a Regional Franchise Manager to assist, guide, and support your and your franchise business. “If any communication issues occur with our customers, MRF Ranjith Shinde made sure to hear all sides of the story and help us rectify the issue”.

Also, you will get great support from the Head office. The Franchise Manager, Abhi Lal for the Commercial and Domestic divisions was very helpful in each step and growth of our business. He helped us buy our Commercial and Domestic franchisees business with Clean Planet and was also helpful in extending our business Commercial to Domestic.

As a hardworking, reliable and trustworthy Domestic and Commercial full-time franchisee owner, our team at Clean Planet congratulates the Kumars for winning the Franchise of the Month. We sincerely appreciate your commitment to growing your franchisee business.