Franchisee of the Month – October 2021

by | November 26, 2021

Meet Sera Bell, Commercial Franchisee in Rotorua. From a stay-at-home mum to a business owner, Sera has come a long way. We are glad to announce Sera, as The Franchise of the Month – October 2021.

Originally from Fiji, it is only recently that Sera became a Clean Planet Commercial Franchisee Owner in Rotorua. It has been 4 months since she partnered with Clean Planet as a Commercial Cleaning Franchisee. Within this short period, her hard work and commitment has become notable. And this paved her the way to winning the Franchisee of the Month Award.

Sera Bell - Franchisee of the Month Oct 2021

Sera proves that with hard work you can reach your goals. Being a mum to a 2-year-old and working as a franchisee business owner was a tough task. But with Clean Planet’s flexibility in the working hours, she was able to bring a balance to her own business and in being a mother.

One of her notable achievements is that with her good customer service, she has won a reference to another commercial business for cleaning. Her story doesn’t cease there; she even ‘babysat’ that business until her Master Franchisee Manager signed a new Franchisee in the region. Sera made sure she took up all the cleaning work coming her way.

“Sera has a nice personality and good attitude, she is always punctual and works as a team” – says Praneel Nair, Master Franchisee owner, Rotorua. She was a former Banker in her home country, Fiji. She had no prior experience in the Cleaning Industry, but each passing day she improved herself to run this business and now she flows with her work. Sera quotes “the cleaning work, is like in the blood, it just flows”.

Sera in her interview tells us “ I feel like – the main part of the business is communication”. Sera emphasis that communication with the clients is the key factor. Understand them, their requirements, and work along. This way you can provide your customers with the best service.

The support from Praneel, her Master Region Franchise Manager from the initial stage onwards is proudly mentioned by Sera. From the signing up process with Clean Planet, the MRF Manager Praneel & the Clean Planet Support Office staff have been very helpful. Praneel’s guidance throughout setting up the business and in running it has been a boon. He educated me communication is the best tool – it helps to understand and ensure our client’s requirements. He taught me not to defer learning and thus I have grown within my business, says Sera. She further states that the Support Office and Praneel, MRF Manager Rotorua, have never hesitated in lending a hand to support you.

When she is with Clean Planet, health, well-being, and safety are what are on top of her mind. The flexibility of working in one’s availability is another boon. “We receive the commercial clients from the Support Office and once the customers are on board, we enquire what their requirements are and clean the property accordingly with a starter kit provided – the only thing left is you copy that, run the business and the show begins” – Sera states proudly.

Clean Planet proudly congratulates our Rotorua Commercial Franchisee owner in winning the Franchisee of the Month – October 2021 Award.