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by | August 24, 2018





Good afternoon everyone!


My name is Tony Pattison. I’m the General Manager for Clean Planet and I’m here to talk about Franchisee with Clean Planet. With me I have Rod Lang who is Domestic Franchise Manager for Clean Planet.


So, welcome everyone if you join us to listen to this webinar!


So let me introduce something about Clean Planet – who we are, what we are operating in Auckland.


First of all, our company is a little different than other cleaning companies in New Zealand. We operate similarly in a way that we are a franchise company but we are different in a way that we focus on Health and Well-being of people in the work space and also the environment in which we clean.

Clean Planet was set up about ten years ago with a heavy focus on environment. Since then, we have headed further down the path of well-being and now we focus on people’s health these days.

We provide quality service in a good price for our customers. 


We are 100% Kiwi owned company. We have been operating in New Zealand for about ten years. We started from 2008. We now have more than 120 franchisees across New Zealand. 125 franchisees are both domestic and commercial franchisees doing home franchisee and commercial franchisee. Clean Planet does cleaning work spaces, offices and schools, gyms and that sort of things.


About our Franchisee system

We have franchisees across the country. All about 80 franchisees in Auckland, right across Auckland, North Shore and South Auckland. We also have franchisees in Waikato, Tauranga, Hawkes’ Bay, Manawatu, Christchurch and Dunedin so you can see we have very wide coverage of franchisees for New Zealand and we can service customers right across the country. It also means that if we have national customers appearing in all regions, we can take care of all of their offices and areas of their operation.


Our franchisees range from $40,000. That’s the turnover of an entry level of a franchise. Our large franchisee has a turnover of more than $400,000. And we have a number of franchisees who have turnover of $100,000 to $200,000. So you can see you can come to a quite large franchisee with us and those large franchisees working for them. The supervisor and managers of the franchisees, they do not clean themselves, they have staffs working with them.


We think we have fair agreement with Franchise Association of New Zealand and our agreement, therefore, very open, very transparent and we don’t have too much trouble with all the agreements that we have with our franchisees.


Our fees are 45% of the purchase price. So if you buy $100,000 franchise, you pay 45% of that as a one-off fees so it’s $45,000. And then ongoing, it is 16% Royalty. So if you earn $1,000 a month, you obviously pay $160 a month as the fee. But that’s the only fee that we have. We don’t have any other marketing fees or technology fees or anything like that. 16% cuts all the ongoing costs other than any ongoing cost that you might have.


We offer pretty good deal and fees to start working with us!


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