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We put the Green in Clean

A clean, tidy and polished car or commercial fleet says good things about those that drive them – trustworthy, professional and thorough – and has many benefits beyond just appearance.

Extend the life of your vehicle

Regular cleaning extends a vehicles life and value, creating a barrier against the elements and protecting it from wear and tear. A cleaner car environment is also a healthier one. Dirt, dust, food and waste all compromise wellness – especially for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Car valet and cleaning on your terms

Let’s not forget the time and dollars car cleaning of old takes away. For businesses – commercial fleets, rentals and campervans – vehicles off the road for cleaning means precious hours lost. And, costs can quickly creep up when buying multiple car cleaning products and equipment – something many private and small business vehicle owners just can’t shoulder. Outsourcing your car valeting keeps your head in the game, vehicles on the road, and cleaning schedules fitted to your downtime.

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Ernesto’s and Anna’s homeland is El Salvador, but New Zealand has now been their home for more than 13 years. They have more than $400,000 in turnover and run a large team of people to ensure they provide the very best of service to some of Clean Planet’s largest customers.

Their philosophy is: “use the right product, in the right places, at the right time, with the right person, and with the right attitude…” And the best thing? “The right relationship between the client, franchisor and franchisee.” Wise words indeed!


Ernesto & Anna Lopez
Commercial Cleaning Franchisee Owners, South Auckland

Savina and Narend are one of Clean Planet’s South Auckland Commercial Franchisee owners. Originally from Fiji, this franchisee owner couple has been with Clean Planet for over 3 years.

“Growing with Clean Planet was an amazing journey” states Savina. She grew her business with Clean Planet over the years. Starting from Papatoetoe and nearby regions she has further extended her business and shifted to the far south of Auckland to the Pukekohe region.

“We have numerous clients, the sites we clean are Home Care centers, corporate offices, pre-schools, and more…they have always commented on our good work!”

Savina & Narend
Commercial Franchisee Owners, South Auckland

Rosey & Basant has been with Clean Planet for over the past 12 years. They are one of Clean Planet’s longest-serving franchisees, who are running the Commercial Cleaning Franchise in the South Auckland Region.

Rosy & Basant are happy, hardworking couples with positive and can-do attitudes.

Rosy states that she is happy with Clean Planet’s management team and the support from Master Regional Franchise Manager.

Rosey & Basant Kumar
Franchise Owner

Our Services

Inside Clean

We target all those hard-to-reach spaces and places, removing spills and accidents, to up the protection on your upholstery and componentry.

– We deal with the nitty-gritty – private cars, rentals, trucks, and campers – no vehicle left unturned, to rid smells, odours and bacteria engrained in seats and spaces.

Outside Wash

Cleaning with greater good at the centre is what we do best. Restoring shine and pride of place – home, office and away – ensures dust, dirt, and debris don’t take hold and vehicles stay looking their best year-round.

– Waterless washing – with a focus on the environment we offer waterless car clean that can help save over 20ltr of water per clean.

Outside Wax

Our wax products deliver the best in vehicle protection and preservation, so you stay assured your vehicle or fleet is shielded from the elements, no matter where the road takes you.

Car cleaning with a difference

Reach out to our team of specialist cleaning experts to discuss the safest, healthiest and most reliable car cleaning services for you or your business

Looking for a something else in your car clean?

As both a Sensitive Choice accredited provider, as well as New Zealand’s leading life services partner to many households and businesses, we value input from our customers and are happy to tailor our cleaning solutions to their requirements.

Do you work long hours and don’t have
time to clean the car?

Talk to use today to about our range of car valet and cleaning options.

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